Under normal circumstances, commitment isn’t something I find difficult. Making plans – short or long term – I’m all about it.

In 2016 that was a totally different story. My world stopped when we heard the words “you have cancer”. From that day forward it was all about doctor appointments, tests, and treatment schedules. Planning anything but felt exhausting to me. Will I feel up to it? Will I be too tired or sick? Will anyone else in attendance have a cold or virus that I could catch? UG! So, we went through the year on the fly. And that was ok, for the most part. We had plans to make, but thankfully my guy understood and patiently waited.

But more about that story in Commitment Part 2 coming soon.

So how’s this for looking to the future? This past week I traded in my 10 year old VW New Beetle for my brand spanking new Soul Sister! Oh I was sad to see her go, my lil red bug. We had been through a lot together, moves, trips, you would not believe the amount of stuff I could get in that little car! But, it was time. So, I said bye-bye bug, hello Soul! And hello car payment………my new commitment to the bank which will last x amount of years. And that’s ok, cause the future is bright…..I kicked cancers ass after all.