Welcome to my blog! Here I will journal my first year after my diagnosis of uterine cancer which came to me like a bullet in January of 2016. Now it’s December, and the year was trying to say the least. BUT after surgeries, 6 rounds of chemo, 27 rounds of radiation, and appointments out the wazoo for follow up, I am happy (understatement) to report I am in remission.

SO in the coming year, I will be celebrating life by discovering old and new. I love images so photo’s will be included in my posts, or may be my post.

While I was in treatment, I was told “You are a warrior” “hero” “brave”. Well I didn’t “feel” like any of those. But if my writing and sharing life after cancer can help or inspire or entertain, I will call it a good day.

So follow me, and share with me your own thoughts.

Cheers to 2017, you BETTER behave! #nanastrong